Childcare in Inskip, Preston


Located in the Heart of Inskip, Inskip Nursery Provides The Highest Quality Childcare.

We're looking for special individuals to join our amazing team, join our thriving nursery and discover your growth opportunities today!

'Truly Unique & Exceptional Childcare'

Located in the heart of beautiful Inskip. With our outstanding team we are able to provide the most unique, interactive and supportive childcare experience to all our our families.
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Peekaboo Outdoor Nursery

Childcare should be Safe, Secure and Unimaginably Exciting...

At Inskip Nursery & Pre-School, we understand that every parent only wants the best for their little ones. That's why we've designed the perfect environment:

a learning hub to foster curiosity and awe;

a playground to encourage physical activity and imagination;

and an atmosphere where your child can thrive socially and emotionally.

Our mission is to help your child grow and develop while providing exciting experiences they'll remember forever!

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Lets discover the world of childcare, from forest schools to foreign languages and everything inbetween.
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Never miss a moment - Our Famly App gives you daily feedback on your little ones adventures.
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Nutrition is key - our chef whips up healthy, wholesome meals for our little ones

Watch your little ones grow...

Ultimately, we know our parents want to find a childcare facility that is safe, welcoming, and provides high-quality care for their children.

Being a Smaller, Family Run Setting in the heart of Inskip, we can provide a truly unique setting for our little ones. Our staff are all proactive in creating a culture that is very Nurturing and Caring.

We know that each Child has their own needs and routines. At Inskip Nursery, each one of our little ones is given the individual care and attention they need, so that we can truly nurture your child's Full Potential ­čîÄ.

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Explore Forest School at Inskip.

At Inskip Nursery, fortunately we have access to our very own forest school. Our very own forest, is full of exciting things for our little ones to explore and be at one with nature!

Complete with our farm animal neighbours, who enjoy grazing at our fence, this makes Inskip Nursery a truly unique experience ­čŹé­čÉä

Learn about Forest School
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Lets give your Little One the Best Possible Start.

Don't forget, when we open our spaces, they are limited, please let our team know if you'd like to enquire and we can get back to you with availability.
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